30 Jun 2014

"Pink Suit" #OMG

There’s no sweeter color than a beautiful light pink. I don´t usually wear much pink, when I was younger I had a love/hate period with pink, and now I’m in a love pink season. I think pink is one of those colors that give me more energy and makes me feel femenine and also in the best mood. 
Today I´m wearing a total pink suit,  I love to try something new everyday :)
Hope you like it! Have a nice start of the week.

¡Nuevo sorteo Capa de Ozono!

¿Reuerdan que hace un mes hicimos un sorteo aquí en el blog con Capa de Ozono y regalamos 7 pares de zapatos? Bueno, pues repetimos la historia :)

El sorteo consta de 7 pares de zapatos primavera/verano 2014 para 7 diferentes ganadoras(es).
¡Puedes elegir el que tu quieras! :)

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¡Así de fácil! :)

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Participan hombres, mujeres y todos los que quieran. 
No es necesario tener blog y no se discrimina a nadie por ningún motivo.
*Sorteo válido en toda la república mexicana.

#Tip si no tienes cuentas de redes sociales, no lo esperés más y sácalas, son gratis y además en un futuro podrás participar en los siguientes sorteos!
¡Mucha suerte y gracias por estar aquí conmigo! <3 

29 Jun 2014


We shoot these pics in the down town of Queretaro. Guillermo and I get a train ticket to meet all the city like tourists, It was a great experiencie. Queretaro is a beautiful city :)
I chose a denim overall paired with a cute daisy crop top obviously from Forever 21.
Have a nice Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!

Querétaro #Forever21QRO

1.- On the road to Queretaro /De camino a Querétaro  2.- Arriving to the hotel room/llegando nuestra habitación de hotel. 3..- Yummy breakfast/ Delicioso desayuno 4.- Almost ready to sleep/ Usando mi nueva pijama de piñas antes de dormir.

Very happy to share with you some pics about my latest trip with Forever 21 to Queretaro.
Hope you like the resume! :)

27 Jun 2014

Stars- Arriving to Queretaro with Forever 21

Hello everybody!
As I told you yesterday we are in Queretaro . We are here as special guest of Forever 21 for the opening & ribbon cutting of the new Forever 21 store in this city. I loved to cut the ribbon with Isabel Burr (mexican actress), so honored for the opportunity.
I always love to travel comfy, so I chose this outfit for the road trip.  I´m wearing ripped black jeans, my cuttest  "Happiness" t-shirt from "Daily mood", Adidas Sneakers and also this pair of cute sunnies with stars from Via Vanilla.
I left you some pics about our arriving to the hotel, as you know I love to show you all the details about my trips :)
Hope you like the pics.  Tomorrow more pics about Forever 21 Opening :)
Happy Friday!

26 Jun 2014


Black color for summer? Hell, yeah!
This playsuit/dress is a light piece perfect for summer days, no matter if it´s black color, is definitely a great option for a hot sunny day. Have you seen my Swarovski´s necklace??!!! I’m  OBSESSED with it!! I will be wearing it all summer! I don’t need to wear much when I wear this necklace because the necklace makes a statement on its own!
BTW. At this moment I´m on my way to Querétaro. Guillermo and  I go to Queretaro with the team of Forever21 for the opening of the first store in that city. Stay tunned in all my social networks for more details ;)
 Thanks for reading!

25 Jun 2014

Tribal touch.

A tribal skirt can be a very cute way to spice up your outfit and add a lot of color and texture to it. It’s a very good addition to your closet if you want something that you can wear anytime for a casual ensemble. You can combine this print with many posibilities. When summer arrives I can´t resist to wear this kind of prints because it also goes with this season summer breeze :) What do you think?  Thanks for all your kind comments.
 See you tomorrow!

Sorteo! "Nina L´Eau" Nina Ricci (Only México)

¡Hola a todos!
Estamos contentos por la llegada del verano, las graduaciones y las vacaciones; por este motivo Nina Ricci y MODA CAPITAL les tenemos un regalo :)
Vamos a regalar 2 fragancias Nina L´Eau de 50 ml de Nina Ricci.
¿Qué les parece?

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(Puedes leer los artículos anteriores que he escrito de la marca aquí o aquí)

5.- Además del comentario déjame tu nombre completo y tu correo en este post para localizarte en caso de que seas ganadora(or)

24 Jun 2014

Non- Stop

There´s something special about jumpsuits that I love it! Black & white jumpsuit like this one is a great option to work. It looks great for a casual day or maybe later for a cocktail night. I wore this jumpsuit yesterday for a couple of meetings and then for dinner with Guillermo. I matched this jumpsuit with my Diane Von Furstenberg clutch and I think it added the necesary touch of color for my day :)
What do you think about jumpsuits? Do you like them?
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all your sweet comments.

23 Jun 2014

"Summer mood"

Summer mornings, that’s what I’ve been waiting for… Life instantly feels better. It brings some kind of calmness, serenity, free mind with it :) 
I´m wearing a floral suit, I think it´s super feminine and perfect for hot summer days, 
I chose to keep the outfit simple and I paired with black sandals and black bag.
This is what I wore last weekend in Cuernavaca when I visited my family ...
I hope you have a lovely week! <3

22 Jun 2014

Colombia - #LBLOGTRIP - Mi viaje en Instagram.

1.- Vuelo México-Colombia 2.-Llegando al Aeropuerto en donde nos recibieron con sorpresa.
3.- La vista desde el hotel. 4.- Mi habitación durante los 3 días. Hotel B.O.G
1.-  Mexico-Colombia Flight. 2. Arriving at the airport of Bogota.
3.- View from the hotel. 4.- My hotel room.

Ending my trip to L.A I had an special invitation for a blogger event with the team of L´Bel in Colombia, Bogota.
After a flight of 5 hours I finally arrived to Bogota. Eight bloggers from different latino american countries arrived to Colombia to discovere the secret of the new beauty product "Concentré total" created with "Maitake"
The experiencie was incredible!
 For this time Guillermo didn´t come with me and I don´t have amazing pics as usual but I left you some pics from my instragram with a resume about my experiencie. Anyway I hope you like it :)

21 Jun 2014


 Summer is here! Thats mean: Beach, sun, flowers, color, long sunsets and... pineapples! haha
I´m so happy because today I´m wearing my new pineapple tank top, I couldn´t resist to wear it in the same day that arrived to my home. I love it and is perfect for summer. 
I present to you this new online store called "Daily mood" that I recently found 
I became instantly a fan!! :) Hope you like it!

20 Jun 2014


These pics were taken before my recently trip. I wore this cute playsuit in soft pink paired with denim for a realx weekend at home. I did a fishtail braid for the ocassion. Do you like it?
Hope you have an amazing Friday. See you tomorrow with a new post about my experiencie in Colombia ;)

19 Jun 2014


Hello everybody! After an incredible experiencie in Colombia finally I´m at home. Tomorrow I will show you some pics about my trip ;)
Today I want to share with you an special collaboration with a mexican brand. "Daily Mood" it's a online store where you can find funny and amazing clothes like my graphic tee. Can you guess what is the reason that I like this tshirt so much? Obviously is because is my tattoo :)
Hope you like it!

17 Jun 2014

Universal Studios. L.A

These are the pics from our last day in L.A. We went to Universal Studios and as you can see was an incredible funny experiencie. 
I´m glad to share with you all the pics from our trip. Hope you enjoyed with us the experiencie.
I feel so blessed to live all these amazing experiences and trips :)
Thanks for your support and comments!
Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.
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16 Jun 2014

California Beach.

A relax day at de beach of California. I´m pretty sure you already see this background in the famous tv show "Baywatch". This is the typical beach here in Los Ángeles :)
I´m wearing a beatiful beach dress and this amazing bikini from Calzedonia. I think it´s the perfect combo for the summer mood.
 See you tomorrow with the last series of pics from Los Angeles.
Right now I´m at home but not for a long time, tomorrow I get a plane for a new destiny... 
stay tuned in all my social networks!  ;)

15 Jun 2014

L.A "Hollywood"

Hollywood is one of those epic places that we need to know at least once time in the life, specially if you come to California. 
Guillermo and I decided to drive in a rent car to meet the place before our meeting in LA. 
We had an amazing time enjoying around Hollywood, Rodeo drive and Beverly Hills..
The glamourous place and all the big stars mansions are a dream!
Hope enjoy the pics and thank you so much for all the comments.

13 Jun 2014

LA day 3 "Santa Monica pier"

During our third day in Los Angeles and after visiting Hollywood boulevard we decided to visit Santa Mónica pier that offers many fun things to do. The place it´s located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica and has a little but super funny park called Pacific Park,  you can also enjoy some nice restaurants with fresh seafood.
I wore high waisted shorts, denim shirt and wedges for the ocassion, everything is from Forever21.
Hope you like it! Tomorrow more pics about our trip!

12 Jun 2014

Disney California Adventure.

In our second day we went to "Disney California Adventure"... love the place and all the games, my favorite was "California Screaming"  :)
Yesterday  I chose a  comfy fresh outfit with sunnies and cap becasuse the weather in California is extremely hot like in Mexico.
I left you some pics, sorry if there are too many but the place is amazing! 
Hope you like it!

11 Jun 2014

Los Ángeles - Disneyland.

Hello everybody! How are you? 
We are in L.A. since Monday. We are here for an important meeting next thursday. New projects are coming! So Exciting :)
It’s my first time here in Los Angeles and I am so excited to discover this amazing city. I can’t be more happy and gratefull for all the crazy opprotunities we have. 
As you may know Guillermo and I enjoy so much to know all the places when we visit a new city. Disneyland has been a dream of mine for many years and of course is a "must" in our list. We could´t miss it!
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Stay tuned for more exciting news about our experiencie in L.A 

10 Jun 2014

Boulangerie - On my way to L.A!

Denim and leather is one of my favorite combinations ever and ever! :)
To add the bright touch to my outfit I chose beautiful maxi pieces from Swarovski SS collection.
Hope you like it!
BTW ...Guillermo and I arrived on Monday at Los Angeles, California. 
We took an early morning flight to L.A. I couldn’t be happier to escape of the routine. Stay tuned because tomorrow I will post our first day in this amazing city.
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9 Jun 2014


Fruits are in trend! Pineapples, strawberrys and watermelons are so hot and you will see everywhere!
I´m wearing my new tee with a watermelon print, I love it so much because is fresh, funny and cute :)
Do you like this trend?

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8 Jun 2014

"Red Stripes"

Stripes are always a good idea and give the navy touch of any summer outfit.
I love to mix stripes with denim, I´m wearing for first time my Levi´s jacket and it´s perfect for the season. I think you are going to see it a lot here :)
Hope you like this super relax outfit perfect for a Sunday!

7 Jun 2014

Baby blue blazer.

In general I love pastel colors: candy pink, lavender, mint, etc but lately, I’ ve an obsession with baby blue. I matched this blazer with my favorite boyfriend jeans at the moment. To finish the look I chose neutral tones to make the look more lightly. 
This outfit was perfect for the last Saturday afternoon.
What do you think about baby blue? Do you like pastels tones?
Have a wonderful day!

6 Jun 2014

Oriental Print Skirt.

I wore this look yesterday to attended the event about the new Swaovski´s fall/winter collection.
The day was a little bit crazy, hot but a little bit cloudy so I chose this leather jacket to keep me warm.
I want to say that the new collection of Swarovski is incredible amazing, I can´t wait to buy some beautiful pieces.
I left you below some pics that I took with my phone.
Have a great Friday!

5 Jun 2014


Guillermo and I took these last week, it was one of those perfect days, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing lightly and it seemed like the whole world was smiling around us:)
I wore a blouse with flower print paired with my old but cute blue skort.
I want to thank you all so much for your continued support and sweet comments. Words cannot express how much your feedback means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love, Gaby

4 Jun 2014

Horse print!

Are you an animal print fan? Today I´m wearing a dress with a discret print with horses. This lovely pattern is one of the best friends of the spring, is perfect even when we want an edgy or femenine look. I show you a girly outfit that is perfect for a walk around the city or maybe for a coffee meeting with friends :)
Have a nice wednesday! 

3 Jun 2014

White Mesh

With this crazy changing weather in Mexico city, feels like these pictures are taken last summer, not 2 days ago :/
One of my favorites things when it comes to styling is the challenge of mixing opposites concepts. 
Here I love the association of a very girly silhouette with a grungy touch and chains that would certainly make the outfit more interesting. 
Rebellious but super soft, edgy but still modest. I bought this skirt a few days ago and I love it, mesh is a must in the season.
What do you think about it girls? 

2 Jun 2014

Selfie of the day.

Hi everybody! How was your weekend?
I feel like i’ve worn these jeans too many times (here & here) but it’s one of those pairs that you can´t stop wearing and are the most comfortable style to wear with a basic tshirt and heels. My jeans has the perfect balance of casual yet polished, masculine yet feminine, and relaxed yet skinny, I just love them! :)
We shot the pics some days ago in a casual day.
Hope you like it. Have an amazing start of the week!