30 Nov 2013

International Giveaway "Win whatever you want"

If you don't know what is Sammydress then let me tell you it is one of the most affordable website for fashion lovers . I am just addicted to it . You wont believe your eye when you see their prices :)

Today I have a special Giveaway for you thanks to Sammydress.com.
Winner can choose anything they want from their website which totally cost $30 (free shipping worldwide)

Outfits of the month: November

I'm super duper excited for this recap, since that means that November is officially over and we are about to step into my most favourite month of the year December!! If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seen that I've already started with some Christmas preparations (being a complete Christmas freak and all) and I'm planing on making the best of this magical month that is just around the corner. 
Have an amazing Saturday everyone and don't forget to let me know which outfit was your favorite! Please vote ;) 
 Hugs Gaby

29 Nov 2013

NEW IN! Marc by Marc Jacobs: Em Jina Satchel.

Ultimately I´m obsessed with bags. This is my last purchase, my new "Em Jina Sathel" Marc by Marc Jacobs. Today is "black Friday" and you can buy a lot of brands with amazing discounts in Revolveclothing.com they have up to 75% off in many items. Can´t wait to wear my new bag! :)

Cold day.

Yesterday was a sunny day but at the same time very cold. Where I live there are lot of trees and nature so the temperature is always lower than the city.
When I have new clothing items  I don´t doubt for a second to wear them for the fisrt time. That happened to me with this hair jacket, that I called "gorilla hair jacket" haha
Love it!
Are you ready for winter?
Funny Friday, enjoy!

28 Nov 2013

White jacket.

Hi everybody!
First of all, happy thanksgiving day to all my North American readers! ^^
Today I´m wearing a black&white look with a touch of green, this kind of coats are perfect when the weather changes a lot during the day.
Hope you like it, and have a nice day :)

27 Nov 2013

"Lady dress"

Hi ladies!
I think this look is perfect for a Christmas party, the dress is feminine, elegant and I love the shape.
Last week I went to a exclusive dinner in Polanco. I wore this look for the occasion.
Hope you like it! xx

26 Nov 2013


The weather has been very unpredictable in México city. One minute it is sunny and the next minute there is a cold front and the temperature drops to where you need a jacket. On days like these, layers are my friend :)
Today I´m wearing a fall outfit that features a bunch of cozy layers and a mixture of trendy fall textures, I think fall is all about layers, which gives you playing around with different fabrics. When mixing several different textures it is best to keep your color pallet neutral.
Hope you like it!

25 Nov 2013

Black and red? ummm... yes, please!

Hey Everyone!
 Another one of those classics outfits comprised entirely out of current or long-time favorites. The red coat is two years old, I got it on last winter and it's still one of my favorites :)Black and red? ummm..... yes, please! Always looks great! I wore this outfit  last Saturday when I went to lunch with Guillermo and friends.  Cold weather is here in Mexico, there is a  "cold front" and I can´t go outside my house without tights... Thanks for stopping by. Have a great start of the week. 

Have you tried Avéne Skin Care?

Hi ladies! 
Today I´m talking about beauty skin care :) 
Two weeks ago I went to an interesting event about Avéne products, was really nice to know more about my skin and all the products that this brand offers. 
Avéne says their skin care line contains special thermal spring water from Avene, France... 
and I´ts rue!

 Here is a little list of the 5 Avene products I love to use:

 1.- Avene's Thermal Spring Water. It is basically a 100% Spring Water spray, which is derived from the Avene-las-Bains Spring Water in France. It is clinically proven that the Avene thermal spring water is beneficial for the skin. It soothes and softens the skin and restores its natural balance. It is also used to treat ‘serious dermatological conditions such as atopic, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema’. This product is perfect for people with all skin types :)

 2.-Avène Cleanance Soapless Gel. Cleanser delicately purifies skin and effectively eliminates surface impurities and excess sebum. 

 3.-  High Protection Cream SPF 50100% mineral, broad-spectrum sun protection cream for even the most sensitive and intolerant skin.

 4.-  TriAcnéal. Breakthrough formula clinically proven to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and signs of aging.

 5.- Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream. Light-weight moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration and absorbs excess oil for a shine-free finish.

 Do you use any Avene's products? 

24 Nov 2013


Happy Sunday everyone!
I'm writing this post daydreaming about upcoming holidays haha :)
Isn't it crazy that in one week we'll enter the month of December?
I can't believe how fast this year flew by, today I will put my Christmas tree, so excited! :D
Ok  lets talk about my outfit, I wore this look last week when I went to meet the showroom of "Anthology", it´s a  new concept store in which you can find many  inernational brands.
I chose to wear stripes , leather and pink for this time.
Hope you like it! xx

23 Nov 2013

Tutorial "Fishtail braid" / Trenza cola de Pez.

Les dejo un pequeño y sencillo tutorial que hice en donde me hago una "trenza cola de pez/pescado"
Espero que les guste ^^

22 Nov 2013

Encendido del árbol Swarovski 2013.

Como ya es costumbre, Swarovski alzó un gran y brillante árbol navideño en la plaza del Palacio de Hierro Moliére en Polanco. Justo ayer fue el encendido y la marca hizo un gran cocktail al que no podía dejar de ir, debo confesar que me inundé totalmente del espíritu navideño. Sólo Swarovski hace un evento tan padre en donde además del bello árbol y ambiente familiar, también hay villancicos, mesas de dulces, buena comida, buena bebida, celebridades e invitados especiales, ahh...y brillo en cada esquina ^^
Maria de la Fuente y Max Villegas fueron los conductores de la noche y nos dieron la bienvenida. 
Los invitados iban  llegando poco a poco y cuando ya estaba la mayoría emocionada, ejecutivos de Swarovski apretaron el "botón" y prendieron el increíble árbol navideño que iluminó todo el recinto.
El árbol tiene 140 000 cristales Swarovsi y mide 21.5 metros de alto.
¡Es hermoso!

Lace dress & Leather jacket.

I got this beautiful lace dress at WendyBox.com and immediately fell in love with it. This is the first time I'm wearing it and I can see that it will become one of my favourite pieces in my closet :)
 Also I´m wearing a black pair of boots from Andrea. I think every woman needs a Xlarge boots for this winter. Have a great day and stay tuned :)

21 Nov 2013

"Total black look" with a touch of gold.

"Total black look" with a touch of gold is what I´m going to wear today  for the "Christmas lightening ceremony" of Swarovski. We took this pics this morning because I prefer the light of the day and the outfit looks better :)
Hope you like it!

20 Nov 2013

"The coat"

Opsss! I think I Did it again! haha
It´s my third day with the same print but always in different ways, today I´m wearing a super casual look :)
I can´t stop, love this pattern. 
Thanks for all your comments! <3

19 Nov 2013

"Mini Houndstooth Skirt"

Hi lovelies readers! 
Yesterday I wore a houndstooth dress and today a cute skirt with the same print, I can´t resist to wear this print :P
I’ve always been a huge fan of houndstooth patterns. I think they’re sophisticated, feminine and versatile. It’s easy to create a trendy look when you pair the patterned piece with a solid bold color. In this look, I’m wearing a mini houndstooth skirt with my red jacket from Mango.
What do you think? Do you like this print?

18 Nov 2013

"Houndstooth contrast plaid dress"

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.
I have been waiting to wear this dress for days, I love the nice retro shape and the print. I’m obsessed with houndstooth print. I chose to combine this dress with a blazer because the day was very cold. I think with the trench coat the whole outfit looks more sophisticated and polished.
Thank you so much for reading! xx

17 Nov 2013

New in! Marc by Marc Jacobs: Lady Rei Bag!

Super excited to share with you my recent purchase.
  I bought this beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch in Shopbop. 
Do you like it?
 Cant wait to wear it ;) 

16 Nov 2013

Leopard cut- out booties.

Weekend is the perfect time to relax and do nothing.
Tooday I´m wearing a simple outfit to enjoy my beautiful city.
Have a great weekend!

15 Nov 2013

Inspiration! Ways to wear tartan.

Today's inspiration post is dedicated to one of my favorite trends for this fall. As I said before (here), one of the strongest trends for the Autumn / Winter 2013 season are tartan/checked/plaid print. I love all the types and colors. I already have dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets and blazers on my wardrobe and I want more haha :) 
Although it's a trend that never goes out of fashion, (plaid shirts are a wardrobe basic) ...this season comes stronger and you can see this print in every color and form.
I left you some inspiration photos that I found on the web.
Hope you like it! xx

"Chess coat"

Right know it´s freezing in Mexico city , there is a cold front that has all of us wearing coats, socks and hats. Luckily I'm preparing for a long time and I have ready  my favorite coats for this season, I show you one of them, my "chess" coat, it´s so soft and warm. 
Do you like it? Thanks for your comments.

13 Nov 2013

"Egyptian skirt"

Hi everybody! How are you?
This outfit was built around this gold skirt with an amazing "Egyptian" print. I paired it with a simple black blouse with leather details, I bought them on Windsor <3
This is what I wore last Monday for a meeting.
I hope you like the pics! 

New in! Cut-out booties!

Boots are the go-to shoe during cold months and a basic that always comes back during Fall and Winter. However, this year they renewed their look with strategic cut outs in the ankle or the heel and metallic buckles; becoming the new must-have.
I bought two new pairs of booties on REVOLVEclothing.com (one of my favorites webs to buy on Internet) 
If you don´t know about this fashion online store, I invite you to meet the online store  here
 So, what do you think about these booties?

12 Nov 2013

"Wear something sparkly everyday"

Now that we're almost half way through November (craaaaaaazy!) that means the holiday season is coming up soon :) Yay! ...I am starting to think about what I'm going to wear to holiday parties and events. I know it sounds crazy but no one was ever punished for planning ahead, right? haha
I wore this look a few days ago. I seriously love this dress - it's super fun and bright and totally me :)
Hope you like my look! Thanks for reading.
Happy Tuesday xx

11 Nov 2013

Pink sequin skirt.

If you’ve been to a shopping mall or browsed online boutiques lately, you may have noticed that sequined items are everywhere this season. Sequins are the perfect way to add some festive flair to your holiday party looks, or just to inject some sparkle into an everyday look.
So, today I chose to wear my pink sequin skirt from Windsor with this " biker jacket" to make a balance on my look. 
As you know, I love to paired different styles and textures ;) 
 What do you think? Would you wear sequins? Do you already have some sequined pieces?
 Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! xoxo

10 Nov 2013

Barcelona. Shakira Meet & Greet, Oral B.

(Foto tomada por Nuria)

Hi lovelies!  Right now I'm coming from Barcelona, Spain. I traveled there for a special experience with Oral B. I stayed 4 days in a beautiful hotel with amazing events, dinners and cooking classes. The most important reason of the trip  to Barcelona was to be in a special Meet & Greet with the brand ambassador "Shakira!!!". For this time Guillermo could´t go with me, so I had to take a lot of selfies and also some friends took me some photos to show you my experience.  I leave  you some photos of the beautiful hotel where we stayed and more pics of the event with Shakira. It´s a long post with many pictures, hope you enjoy it! Thank you for following my adventure in all my social networks, kisses!! 
ps: If you want to see my pic with Shakira check my Intagram here ;)

7 Nov 2013

Tartan skirt.

Hello There!! As you know I'm a complete fan of the tartan/checked trend.
I´m wearing this clasic tartan skirt, I think is very versatile, easy to wear and they always look chic ;)
Ps: Tomorrow I will post  Barcelona´s pics !! ;)

6 Nov 2013

White for fall.

White is one of the year’s top colours. Overcoats, dresses, jackets, pants and tops… They’re all offered in the season’s hottest shade. To make it work, you can either opt for a monochrome arctic palette, or maybe with black and white contrast. The possibilities are endless!
Do you like my white dress?
BTW, Good news! At the moment you read this I´m in Barcelona, Spain. I came to live an experiencie with a brand. It´s my second time in this amazing city, but this time is my first "blogger experiencie" here ;)
I think is going to be amazing! So excited!
You can follow me on Twitter (here) or Facebook (here) and you can see all the details at the moment ;) See you soon! xx

5 Nov 2013

"Golden bomber Jacket."

Confession: I have *a bit* metallic obsession :3 !
The latest item to join my collection is this golden bomber jacket. For the daytime outfit I decided to paired this jacket with leather, I think is the perfect match!
--- ta daaaaa! ;)
What do you think about this look? xx

4 Nov 2013


I recently came across a new online shop: Front Row Shop. As you know I'm crazy for beautiful prints, so I bought this skirt some days ago and I was dying to wear it. 
I just love the colours of this skirt and the print is plain awesome, I mean: thunders?! Love it! I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing a lot. 
My outfit is accessorized with Sennheiser headphones! If you're a music-lover like me, you're going to want to try these out ;) xoxo 

3 Nov 2013

My top 5 trends for this fall/winter 2013

The fall season marks the beginning of cooler temperatures and preparation for the upcoming holidays. The new season also remind us that it is time to buy new wardrobe, so we need to know what to buy first and which key trends to invest in.

El otoño/invierno está aquí, eso significa que las temperaturas van bajando poco a poco y eso a la vez significa: ¡Nuevas piezas para tu guardaropa! :P
Te dejo una lista de mis 5 tendencias favoritas de la temporada. Creo que son piezas clave y teniendo una pieza o dos y combinándola con el resto de la ropa que ya tenemos en casa podremos hacer looks estupendos sin necesidad de gastar mucho. 

2 Nov 2013

Blessed Saturday!

Today I´m wearing a beautiful dress made by my dear friend and designer Pamela, the name of her brand is  "Blessed Saturday" ..I love to wear clothes made in México :)
I wore this dress yesterday, I chose to combine it with my leather jacket because the weather was cold.
Do you like my new LONGCHAMP bag? I love the color :)
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend!   <3 xx

1 Nov 2013

Outfits of the month: October

A quick recap of my outfits in the month. 
I can not decide for one. 
What´s your favorite?