31 Oct 2013

Red midi skirt

Hi everyone!
Here in México city is still hot but sometimes with rainy and cold days (the weather is crazy), little by little, we can start feeling colder days coming...
I have been obsessed with midi skirts of late. I just can’t seem to stop buying them. This one was an obvious pick – the most flattering shape and the stunning metallic red color, I chose combine my red midi skirt with this sweatshirt. Do you like it?
Midi skirts have been in our vocabulary for a while now and this season we have been really into wearing them with our favorite graphic tees or sweatshirts. The flowy, feminine style of the skirt (which you should definitely wear with heels to avoid looking like your great aunt) mixed with a harder, bad ass sweatshirt( or tee) is a perfectly balanced, flattering and easy-to-wear look. We like to pair it with a bomber jacket on cooler days.
Grab one up before you have to wait until winter thaws to wear it!

30 Oct 2013

Geometric print suit!

Hi there!
I show you the geomeric print suit that I wore yesterday. The outfit is a little bit "masculine" but that day I felt too feminine and sexy. Can you belive that?
Do you like it?

28 Oct 2013

Tartan pleaseee!

It’s something about finding that perfect tratan blazer, it doesn’t take too much effort or thought to create an outfit around. A classic pattern that every one needs in their wardrobe for this fall/winter.
Hope you like it!!

It´s time to wear tights!

It´s time to wear tights in Mexico city. The weather is getting colder and rainny.
Today´s look is about my new leather skirt, I love to paired it with different prints and textures, 
The booties that I´m wearing are from a mexican brand called Salamadra, I love them and I think you will see them a lot :)
Thanks for atopping by!

27 Oct 2013

Same playsuit, different outfit!

 I´m wearing the same black playsuit, 
Which one is your favorite look? xx

26 Oct 2013

Tartan Obsession!

In this season tartan is everywhere, I've been a fan of it for years, that's why I have some skirts and shirts of this print in my wardrobe. Today I show you a new pants of my collection :P
This kind of print can be very grunge, but it can also be very school girl and lady, depending of how it is worn. This time I chose to paired with my leather jacket to make a rock/grunge outfit :)
BTW, in Mexico city it´s raining all the time...  :S
Thanks for stopping by!

International She Inside Giveaway!

Hi everybody!
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Good luck!

24 Oct 2013

Pearls on my jacket!

Ladies and gentlemen.. meet my new jacket from the moment! 
I saw this beauty in Choies and I bought it inmediately  :P
The rest of my outfit is a bit basic, but that's because my jacket is the 'real eye-catcher'. And what do you think of my new jacket? :-) xoxo

23 Oct 2013

"Two millimeters"

The dress has been hanging in my wardrobe for days trying to find the moment to wear it and yesterday was the perfect day :) I went to the presentation of the new perfum of Eliee Saab, I think  was the perfect moment to wear it, just the right accesories and that´s all :)The dress is very sweet and I love the shape. Do you like it? btw The pics were taken in a beautiful shop in Polanco that is  called "Dos milimetros".
Hope you like it!
Thanks for stopping by!xx

¡Sorteo Stradivarius!

Ya saben que me encanta consentir a mis queridas lectoras (es)  Ü 
¡Es por eso que Stradivarius y Moda Capital les tenemos un sorteo!

¿Quieres llevarte este paquete con un lindo bolso y collar de la nueva temporada de STRADIVARIUS?
 Muy fácil!

22 Oct 2013


One of my favorite combos at the moment is pairing burgundy, black and leopard... 
This "awesome" tshirt and also the skirt arrived to my house last week, I bought them in  Frontrow.com  ( love at first sight) :P
I really like this kind of biker jacket, if you want to buy the same you can find it here-> Vateno  ;)
What do you think about my look?
Hope you like it! xx

21 Oct 2013

Preppy with MINI!

Today I show you some pics we took last week. I wore this preppy outfit for a couple of meetings and also during a test drive with MINI Cooper. (it was a fun experiencie)
What do you think about the look? 
Thanks for all your comments and have a nice day.

19 Oct 2013

Same leather skirt, different outfit!

 I´m wearing the same leather skirt from H&M,
Which one is your favorite look?

My Beauty essentials of the week!

Good morning !
 We’re talking about beauty today with a little selection that I made for you, featuring my 5 favorite beauty essentials of the week.

1.-Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System For Skin
2.-Clinique 'Even Better' Makeup SPF 15
3.-Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum
4.- Bobbi Brown Lip & Eye Palette
5.-  Dior Diorblush

18 Oct 2013

Last day in Vegas!

Right now I´m in Mexico city  and these pics are the last ones that we took in Las Vegas.
The trip was amazing, I had a really good time and I want to come back soon.
I show you the last pics of my trip, enjoy it!

17 Oct 2013

Freemont Street, Vegas.

This is the outfit that I wore when I went Shopping. In this moment the weather in Vegas is perfect. so I choose  to wear a black playsuit paired with tartan and leopard print.
Do you like it?
Thanks for stopping by! 

16 Oct 2013

The Venetian, Vegas.

We took this pics in "The Venetian Hotel" at Vegas, I must say the hotel is very similar to the real city, 
We went to Venecia Italy some years ago, so it was beautiful to remember that city :) !
I went to a special dinner and also to see the amazing show of "Cirque du Soleil" so for this occasion I chose a total black outfit.
Hope you like it!

14 Oct 2013

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

Hi everybody!
Guillermo and I landed in Las Vegas two days ago, in this city everything is amazing! I enjoyed our hotel room, the people, the food, etc... I like everything! ^^
Finally you can see the first photos taken in Las Vegas, we are here for vacations, so you will see simples outfits but always with a chic touch ;)
Thanks for your comments!

13 Oct 2013

Hello from our hotel room!

Hello from Vegas! A quick post for show you our great hotel room.
We arrived yesterday and I think this city is amazing, stay tuned more pics soon ;) xoxo

"Leather + military green"

Leather + military green it´s one of my favorite combinations for this season..
 I show you the pics that we took a few days ago...
Big news! Right know Guillermo and I are going to Las Vegas, It´s going to be our first time there,  I think is going to be amazing! So excited!
You can follow me on  Twitter (here) or Facebook (here) and you could see all the details at the moment ;) See you in "Las Vegas" babe! xx

11 Oct 2013

Sequin dress for TOUS cocktail!

Hi guys!
We took these pics just a few days ago in the presentation of the new collection of TOUS. The cocktail  was a special event located in Polanco. Important fashion people took some time to attended the event and also some members of TOUS familiy-
For the ocassion I chose a beautiful pink dress of Rapsodia, I think it was the perfect option for the amazing night.
I show you some pics from my Instagram...
If you want to follow my account of  Instagram you can find me like @modacapital

10 Oct 2013

"Furry Autumn"

I´m still obsessed with metallic trend. WARNING! I wont be able to stop wearing metallic clothes all the season! haha. This beautiful and different outfit is from Savous. Last week I received the blouse and also the skirt. I think is a great look for a party. isn´t  it?  Thanks for your comments ^ ^^ kisses

9 Oct 2013

Metallic trend.

Hi there!
I recently bought a metallic skirt thinking I’d wear it in a normally day. The key to wearing metallics during the day is keeping everything else simple. While metallics have long been a traditional component of our winter wardrobes, this year they have exploded onto the fashion scene with a bang. I'm here to prove that metallics can be one of the most versatile and fun pieces to play around with this season.
Hope you like it!
Thanks for stopping by!

8 Oct 2013

"Kitty ears hat"

When I saw this cute "kitty ears hat" at Choies I couldn´t resist buying it :) haha 
Cat- inspired fashion is the last but the simplest way to add some fun to your outfit, so what do you think about my new cat ears hat? - meow!

7 Oct 2013

"Stripe midi skirt"

Hi lovelies!
Today I show you one of my outfits that I recently wore! I love this midi skirt and I think it looks really cute on! Midi skirts looks great in almost every body, not to mention it is insanely comfortable!!
Hope you like this look ;)

6 Oct 2013

Same Black shirt, different outfit!

I'm sure you all know how versatile a black shirt, well here I´m again wearing the same black shirt in two different ways. I combined it with stripes and white color. 
Which one is your favorite look? 
 Vote! xoxo

5 Oct 2013

Sorteo: Moda Capital y Fiorentina.

La marca Mexicana de ropa interior femenina Fiorentina y Moda Capital te tenemos un sorteo especial. 

1.-Contesta correctamente en este post, una de las tres preguntas a continuación para participar.
(Tip- Puedes buscar la información en su página aqui-> www.fiorentina.com.mx)

-¿Cuáles son las 4 actitudes que Fiorentina ofrece en su moda íntima?
-¿Cuál es el nombre del nuevo perfume lanzado por Fiorentina? 
-Además de moda íntima, menciona algunas de las otras líneas de productos que Fiorentina ofrece a sus consumidoras

2.- Además de contestar la pregunta deberás de dar RT en Twitter a la mencion del sorteo y compartirlo en tu facebook.

3.- Sigue las siguientes cuentas para poder entrar en el sorteo:

 Fiorentina de Facebook aquí

y la de Fiorentina en Twitter aquí

Sigue la cuenta de Moda Capital en Facebook aquí

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*No te olvides de dejarme junto con tu comentario tu nombre completo y correo para poderte contactar en caso de que seas ganador.
* Tienes de aquí al Miércoles para participar. El Jueves daré a conocer al ganador por mis redes sociales.
* Sorteo válido para toda la república mexicana. * Vale canjeable en todo el país.

¡Mucha suerte y gracias a todos por participar!

*This competition is only for people that live in Mexico

4 Oct 2013

"Trench coat" Icon of timeless.

Little by little, I´m adding some fall items to my outfits. Yesterday I wore this trench coat for a brunch. I love the color and I think is one of the "must have" for every womans wardrobe.
Have a great Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

3 Oct 2013

Mixing patterns!

Hi lovelies! 
Today’s outfit has consisted of a little mix of patterns, I´m wearing a new Tommy Hilfiger Sweater with polka dots paired with my trousers from Gap.
I love trying out new things with my clothes. Why not have some fun with fashion?
BTW I show you some pics about the event of Tommy Hilfiger fall/winter collection.
Hope you like it!

2 Oct 2013

Feminine lace dress.

Today I show you the dress that I wore last week for a cocktail night, 
for the ocassion I chose a femenine and sweet lace dress with a touch of leather, 
I've been really into black and white lately. I think because it's just simple and easy to wear and I don't have to put much thought into it. haha
Btw, hope you like it!

1 Oct 2013

Black and royal blue.

Last week I didn´t resist to wear my new black jumpsuit from H&M, is really comfortable and I think it has many possibilities to create different looks (combines with everything).
I wore it for Fashion Week Mexico. My outfit is simple but chic. What do you think?
Thanks fot stopping by!