16 Mar 2013

You need a pair of Sunglasses!

Here's my little collection of sunglasses. I think I almost prefer black and big sunglasses to others,
 I think that black color matches my skin  tone and shape of my face better ;).
My sunnies come from different stores, some from H&M, some from Ebay, but most of them from  online stores.
The next sunglasses that I want to buy are the Miu Miu glittering Cat Eyes! 
This season you need to buy a pair of sunnies, they are a must have for spring/ summer.
What are your favorite sunglasses? :) x

Les muestro algunos de mis lentes para el sol. Ya que la temporada de calor se acerca, creo que es indispensable comprar un par en esta temporada primavera/verano.
 Hay muchos estilos, pruébate varios modelos y elige el que más te guste. 
¡Yo soy fan y me gustan grandes! 

1. Ebay
2. Ebay
 3. H&M
 4. Polaroid
5. Dolce&Gabbana
6. Rayban
 7. Mango
9. Rayban