31 Dec 2013

Best 2013 Moments.

It´s time to review the best moments of 2013. 
Morning early I start thinking about the year which is about to end. I look back at my blog and I see all the experiences that Guillermo and I made in all  these 12 months that makes me smile, with a lot of satisfactions, opportunities, trips, projects, joys etc. 
2013 was a year with a lot of trips around the world ( is one of the major reasons I love so much  my blogger work ), collaborations and really good experiencies. It was a really great year for us! 
Lets start with travels. In this 12 months we took several flights, in January I went to Valle de bravo with  Nike then in February we went to Paris with Nina Ricci for an amazing and glamourous event. Do you remember? Also we travel by train and meet Prague, Vienna and Switzerland. Then my first time in Brazil for a special project with P&G.  We flew to Acapulco in late July with "Elle Mexico Diseña" and two weeks later Guillermo and I made a trip to an amazing Hotel in Valle de Bravo for a project with Volvo. I also went to  New York for Fahion Week with Lucy Lara (Glamour Chief Editor) , one month later we flew again to USA but this time to Vegas with a project with Aeromexico . In November I return back to Barcelona with Oral B and I met Shakira (do you believe it?) and then  I close the year with an amazing experiencie in Riviera Maya in the amazing Hard Rock Hotel. Thinking about it,  we spent around some time traveling. Having the chance to travel so much for business and always explore new places is a blessing. 

2013 was the year of collaborations with some of my favorite brands like Nina Ricci, Lacoste, Swarovski, Guess, Glamour Magazine, GAP, Pantene, Maaji, Oxygen, TOUS, Mango, MINI Cooper, Windsor, Glitz. etc.
Thanks to all the brands for your support :)
The blog grew so much compared to the previous year, and also  the social media channels (Moda Capital has more than 110 000 followers and grows everyday... yay! haha ^^) 
In my personal life I´m very lucky to have people next to me who really support me and are very important  for this blog. Guillermo and I made a really good team! So, in this moment of my life I feel so blessed and grateful.

Thanks for another wonderful year spent together! I am so grateful for having you all sharing this blog and experiencies with me.
I hope you have a great time tonight, with the one’s that you love!
Love you dear friends... and Happy New Year!


30 Dec 2013

Sequins for New Year´s eve! Part 2.

This is the second look that I wore for the special New Years´s eve shooting . Sequins are the key again, I think New Year´s eve is for celebrate and have so much fun. ¡Happiness everywhere!
New chances, new challenges, new hopes...it´s an opportunity for a new beginnings.
Btw..Do you already have your New Year´s resolutions?
Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!^^

29 Dec 2013

Sequins for New Year´s eve! Part 1.

Hi guys! Are you ready for the New Year's eve celebrations? 
I am so excited, it's one of my favorite events of the year :) I´m absolute fan of sequins, glitter, paillettes ... So, they are my perfect choice for the most of events/celebrations I have. 
They always bring the “party” effect to any look, and you could choice a total look with sequins or maybe just a touch of bright, is your choice. 
Today I show you a speciall shooting that we made for New Year´s eve.
 This outfit is an idea for your new year´s eve party night.. for me, sequins are always a good idea! 
What do you think about the look? :) 

28 Dec 2013

Green Midi Skirt.

Midi skirts are ultra chic and feminine, but you must know how to mix and match with your clothing if you don´t want to look like your mom, haha This time I decided to wear it with a leather jacket to give the special touch that I like :)
Thanks for stopping by!

27 Dec 2013

Leopard jacket.

Lately the weather is cold in Mexico city, brrr... I need to wear all my winter clothes before the weather changes!! (Right now in México city the weather is crazy)
Ok, here´s a look wearing a leopard fur jacket,I kept the rest of it simple because leopard often asks for a certain balance.
 So a pretty easy look for today.
Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend!

26 Dec 2013

Oversized plaid coat.

Good morning, Everyone! I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the sweet Christmas greetings!I appreciate it! ^^
I also wanted to share a few images from the latest shooting wearing a plaid coat paired with jeans and a simple tshirt. 
It´s funny that during the whole year I don´t wear too much jeans, but now there are two consecutive posts wearing jeans... maybe is because we are on Holidays, haha :)
What do you guys think about my outfit?

New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspiration.

New Year´s eve is coming so it's very important to get ideas for the perfect night makeup. Don´t forget to incorporate party accessories such as false eyelashes, glitter eyeshadows or crystals details on the eyes for make your look glamourous!
I leave you with a selection of pics to inspire you.
Hope you like it!

Win $5O Choies Gift Card!

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¡Mucha suerte!

25 Dec 2013

Pink coat.

Hi !!How was your Christmas dinner? Mine was great :)
Hope Santa has brought what you asked him for....hahaha
I leave you with an outfit I wore a few days ago, I was wearing a christmas comfy sweater from Forever 21 paired with this pastel pink coat and jeans.
Well, Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you enjoy this Christmas day with your family, friends and enjoy the presents :P

24 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas!

¡¡Hola a todos!!!
Este video es sólo para desearles ¡Feliz Noche Buena y Feliz Navidad!
Pásenla increíble con sus seres queridos.

Hi everybody!
Wishing you and your family love, health and happiness this Christmas eve.
Merry Christmas!

23 Dec 2013

Christmas looks inspiration.

Hi everybody! 
 Here are some of my outfit choices, maybe you need more ideas for Christmas eve! Hope you like it and feel inspired!!

22 Dec 2013

Mexican piñatas.

Yesterday we went to choose a "Piñata" for a Posada. 
Piñatas are especially popular during "Las posadas" and these are a traditional processions ringing in the Christmas season and at birthday parties-
If you don´t know what is a "piñata" it is a pot covered by colored paper and it looks a bit like Sputnik, with seven points, each with streamers. Inside the pot there are many candies and fruits. People traditionally sing songs while breaking the piñatas.
As a fun activity for Christmas parties! :)
We took the pics in a special store of "Piñatas", it´s a place full of beautiful colors,
I hope you like the pics and hope you enjoy reading about mexican traditions :)
BTW talking about my outfit I chose my new coat from Choies, I love this kind of oversized coats, and also the print is perfect and I can paired it in many ways.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy Chrismas parties!

21 Dec 2013

Holiday hair inspiration!

Planning your look for Christmas eve or New Year party? Get some hair inspiration!! I hope you like my selection of pics.  
Don´t forget add crowns, flowers, bobbi pins or ribbons to get a chic and sophisticated hairstyle.
With Love, 

20 Dec 2013

Zebra coat.

Today is time for a black and white outfit. The key in this outfit is definitely my zebra coat, I love it and it´s not the first time that I wear it, but is the first time that I show you on the blog....
Lately I love wearing  jackets or coats on my shoulders, I think look so chic :)
Only 4 days for Christmas eve ... so excited! :)

19 Dec 2013

Leather skater skirt.

Hey Everyone! 
Today I'm jumping in beanie trend! I've had my eyes peeled and finally found one at the Forever 21 challenge just a few weeks back! 
 I edged this look up with a leather mini skirt and my crop top, definitely I love this kind of outfits ;)
Have a nice day.

18 Dec 2013

Christmas party outfits ideas!

Christmas is near!! It's time to think in outfits.
Today I show you 5 casual Christmas party outfits.. I am sure these ideas will make you know what to wear this Christmas. Stay in style and enjoy Christmas to your fullest :)

Velvet suit.

Is not common to see me wearing a velvet suit, haha I know, but I love it at first sight. I love the color, the shape and the texture. I think sometimes is good to try different things  :)
Btw, Less than one week for Christmas, are you excited like me?
xx Gaby

17 Dec 2013

Faux fur jacket.

Hi there! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!
It’s getting quite cold in Méxco and it’s the opportunity for me to wear my faux fur coat with my new Black pants and my new pair of red heels.
Stay tuned ! :)

16 Dec 2013

It´s time to wear coats!

The temperature is falling. Well, it’s time for coats again. !
 A coat is not only intended to keep yourself warm, it should also be a statement! The coat expresses who we are. Whatever we would have to say to the fashion-world – our coat does that for us. 
My favorite types of coats are with prints like plaids, leopard or maybe in pastel tones. 
Lately I´m obsessed with overzised coats.
Do you like it?
Enjoy the pics.

15 Dec 2013


 For today´s look  I´m wearing a special edition of Nike: "NikexLiberty"
I have to admit this pair of sneakers are comfortable and perfect for a walk around  the city ...or maybe for a long trip. ( I was wearing these shoes in my last trip to Riviera Maya) :)
BTW. I have a new hair cut... Do you like it?
Thanks for stopping by!

14 Dec 2013

Back home.

I´m back home after a few days at the beach with the perfect sunny weather. Now I´m  again in the city  and I have to wear  outfits for cold days...It´s a shame! haha
This is what I wore yesterday, just a simple outfit with a touch of burgundy :)
Hope you like it. Have a nice Saturday.

Same trousers, different outfit.

Same black trousers combined in two different ways.
Which one is your favorite outfit? Vote please ;)

13 Dec 2013

Last Day in Riviera Maya.

Last day in our adventure in the "Riviera Maya" the weather was a little crazy, in the morning was raining and then the sky turns wonderful and sunny. (Is the tropical weather)...
The weather doesn´t stop us and we took pics in our last hours in that beautiful paradise.
Enjoy the pics :)

11 Dec 2013

Let´s rock!

Yesterday was the celebration of the reflag of the new "Hard Rock Riviera Maya Hotel", they organized an amazing party with fireworks, great music, costumes, food, drinks etc... A beautiful moon with the ocean was the background of the fabulous event...( I really love it)
We enjoyed an amazing time with special guests and also all the team of Hard Rock Hotel :)
All the photos were taken at night, hope you like it!
Hugs, Gaby  

10 Dec 2013

Welcome to "Hard Rock Hotel" Riviera Maya.

Hi from Riviera Maya!
If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, maybe you already know that yesterday we arrived to "Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya".
We are invited by Hard Rock team and we are excited to see all the wonderful activities here.
This is what I wore last night for a casual dinner with the team, I chose to wear trousers and a striped crop top paired with my red heels for the night.
Hope you like the pics, and stay tuned for more news!! :)
See you Tomorrow!

9 Dec 2013

Sorteo! Lovers+Friends x Revolve.

Estoy feliz porque hoy les traigo un nuevo sorteo, ésta vez Moda Capital y Revolve te  regalan este vestido azul de la marca Lovers+Friends x Revolve.(Detalles del vestido aquí)
Si se quieren ganar este lindo vestido ideal para la próxima primavera/verano 2014 sólo deben de seguir los siguientes sencillos pasos :)

Same booties and top, different outfit.

Hello everybody!
I´m wearing the same pair of boots and also the same tshirt, but combined in different ways. Which look is your favorite?

8 Dec 2013


Hi Everyone! ^^
This outfit I wore a couple days back when I went to a private jewelry event.
I really love this look because (as you know) I LOVE to mix prints and textures :) I´m wearing again tartan, this print is just a must-have essential for autumn/winter season.  If you would like to see my post on "Autumn/Winter fashion Must-Haves" then click here. 
So here is my outfit, let me know what do you think about it?
Big kiss.

7 Dec 2013

Beanies for winter

When it's cold and the wind is thrashing at your face and your ears are red and numb, the perfect thing to take out is a knit beanie. These hats are warm and cozy, and it doesn't hurt that they're cute too. I recently purchased one slouchy beanie in black and it will certainly keep my ears warm this winter.
I will show you soon :) Have a great Saturday!


Hace algunos días asistimos a la inauguración de la primera flagship store de la marca mexicana Pantera.
La tienda se localiza dentro del centro comercial Santa fe en donde al llegar nos recibieron amablemente las dos diseñadoras de la marca. Debo decir que desde el primer momento quedé fascinada de los modelos tan increíbles de bolsos de piel para mujer. Lo que más gusto me da es que son bolsos 100% mexicanos, ultra modernos y la verdad si relacionas la calidad-diseño tienen muy buenos precios.
Además hay bolsos y accesorios para hombe y hasta artículos para el hogar.
¡Basta de escribir! Les dejo que las imágenes hablen por sí solas :)

PD: Pueden verme aquí llevando mi clutch Pantera ;)
¡Lo amo!

6 Dec 2013


Hi dears!
I´m wearing a relax and perfect outfit for today :)
I´m in love with this top and pants  from Forever21 , I think both look great paired with my  leather jacket. (You know how much I love leather items) ^^
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for all your comments.

5 Dec 2013

Christmas Giveaway!

I am very excited to announce a new giveaway on my blog! 
Win $100 SheInside Coupon
Winner can choose anything they want from their website which totally cost $100 dlls 
(free shipping worldwide)

"Silver skirt"

Today a quick post to show you the outfit that I wore last week for a special event with TOUS.
If you follow me in my social networks I´m pretty sure you have already seen this outfit, but if you don´t, you can follow me here!
Twitter click here
Inatagram click here
Facebook click here

4 Dec 2013

Flowers for autumn.

Hi guys!! 
 I hope you all are having a lovely week so far! 
For today's post I wanted to share with you my new sweater and dress from Forever21. 
I wore this floral dress on last Monday and I decided to pair it with a black comfy sweater...wearing the flat booties gives the outfit a more casual and laid back feeling :)
BTW we took these photos in a wonderful place near my city, the name is "Arcos del sitio" and the place is quiet, peaceful and so beautiful. 
Hope you enjoyed today's post! :) 
 Until next time!♥ 

3 Dec 2013

Violet Dreams

There's something about violet and fuchsia combo that I just love. Both colors are just so lovely and bright :) This is what I wore last week for a special meeting, I chose a femenine and fun outfit, this look is maybe an idea for some special holiday party.
Thanks so much for your words and support!
I love hearing what you have to say :)
Happy Tuesday xx

2 Dec 2013

Hello December.

Good morning lovelies! Weekend is over and December is here!  
Currently I'm pretty much in love with full midi skirts as you might already detected in the last pictures with the faux leather one. Basically I prefer to wear all kind of skirts instead of trousers in general, they're just more feminine and I love to play around with length, patterns, cuts, colors,etc. 
 During the turnaround between autumn and winter midi skirts are just the perfect choice in my opinion, as they still keep you a little warm, maybe you can wear tights (especially in the mornings when it's almost like winter, brrr...freezing) and during the day when it gets hotter  you can wear without tights. 
So hey, I hope you girls are already owners of at least one of them.
Btw, I´m really proud to introduce you two items made by mexican designers, this beautiful bag and also the necklace, both are amazing :)
Thanks for stopping by!

1 Dec 2013

My Christmas Wishlist 2013

Hi everybody!
We are in December. It's the time of the year again for the most important Holiday and I'm super excited for it! I can't believe it's only three weeks left before Christmas, it's really mind blowing how fast the year flew by. 
Christmas season is my most loved holiday because there are celebrations, spending time with family and friends. It's always nice to see family and friends that we don't see every often during the Holiday Season, it makes everything extra special.
  I would like to share my Christmas wishlist with all of you. This list is not necessarily what I want people to get me, but it's the idea of the things I've been wishing for; even if I'm going to buy them myself. I'm also sharing this list to give Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life haha :)
 Receiving gifts in Christmas is a wonderful bonus, but of course the most important thing is spending time with the people we love.
 I wish you all an amazing Holiday Season with lots of happiness and unconditional love!

30 Nov 2013

International Giveaway "Win whatever you want"

If you don't know what is Sammydress then let me tell you it is one of the most affordable website for fashion lovers . I am just addicted to it . You wont believe your eye when you see their prices :)

Today I have a special Giveaway for you thanks to Sammydress.com.
Winner can choose anything they want from their website which totally cost $30 (free shipping worldwide)

Outfits of the month: November

I'm super duper excited for this recap, since that means that November is officially over and we are about to step into my most favourite month of the year December!! If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seen that I've already started with some Christmas preparations (being a complete Christmas freak and all) and I'm planing on making the best of this magical month that is just around the corner. 
Have an amazing Saturday everyone and don't forget to let me know which outfit was your favorite! Please vote ;) 
 Hugs Gaby

29 Nov 2013

NEW IN! Marc by Marc Jacobs: Em Jina Satchel.

Ultimately I´m obsessed with bags. This is my last purchase, my new "Em Jina Sathel" Marc by Marc Jacobs. Today is "black Friday" and you can buy a lot of brands with amazing discounts in Revolveclothing.com they have up to 75% off in many items. Can´t wait to wear my new bag! :)

Cold day.

Yesterday was a sunny day but at the same time very cold. Where I live there are lot of trees and nature so the temperature is always lower than the city.
When I have new clothing items  I don´t doubt for a second to wear them for the fisrt time. That happened to me with this hair jacket, that I called "gorilla hair jacket" haha
Love it!
Are you ready for winter?
Funny Friday, enjoy!

28 Nov 2013

White jacket.

Hi everybody!
First of all, happy thanksgiving day to all my North American readers! ^^
Today I´m wearing a black&white look with a touch of green, this kind of coats are perfect when the weather changes a lot during the day.
Hope you like it, and have a nice day :)

27 Nov 2013

"Lady dress"

Hi ladies!
I think this look is perfect for a Christmas party, the dress is feminine, elegant and I love the shape.
Last week I went to a exclusive dinner in Polanco. I wore this look for the occasion.
Hope you like it! xx

26 Nov 2013


The weather has been very unpredictable in México city. One minute it is sunny and the next minute there is a cold front and the temperature drops to where you need a jacket. On days like these, layers are my friend :)
Today I´m wearing a fall outfit that features a bunch of cozy layers and a mixture of trendy fall textures, I think fall is all about layers, which gives you playing around with different fabrics. When mixing several different textures it is best to keep your color pallet neutral.
Hope you like it!

25 Nov 2013

Black and red? ummm... yes, please!

Hey Everyone!
 Another one of those classics outfits comprised entirely out of current or long-time favorites. The red coat is two years old, I got it on last winter and it's still one of my favorites :)Black and red? ummm..... yes, please! Always looks great! I wore this outfit  last Saturday when I went to lunch with Guillermo and friends.  Cold weather is here in Mexico, there is a  "cold front" and I can´t go outside my house without tights... Thanks for stopping by. Have a great start of the week. 

Have you tried Avéne Skin Care?

Hi ladies! 
Today I´m talking about beauty skin care :) 
Two weeks ago I went to an interesting event about Avéne products, was really nice to know more about my skin and all the products that this brand offers. 
Avéne says their skin care line contains special thermal spring water from Avene, France... 
and I´ts rue!

 Here is a little list of the 5 Avene products I love to use:

 1.- Avene's Thermal Spring Water. It is basically a 100% Spring Water spray, which is derived from the Avene-las-Bains Spring Water in France. It is clinically proven that the Avene thermal spring water is beneficial for the skin. It soothes and softens the skin and restores its natural balance. It is also used to treat ‘serious dermatological conditions such as atopic, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema’. This product is perfect for people with all skin types :)

 2.-Avène Cleanance Soapless Gel. Cleanser delicately purifies skin and effectively eliminates surface impurities and excess sebum. 

 3.-  High Protection Cream SPF 50100% mineral, broad-spectrum sun protection cream for even the most sensitive and intolerant skin.

 4.-  TriAcnéal. Breakthrough formula clinically proven to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and signs of aging.

 5.- Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream. Light-weight moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration and absorbs excess oil for a shine-free finish.

 Do you use any Avene's products? 

24 Nov 2013


Happy Sunday everyone!
I'm writing this post daydreaming about upcoming holidays haha :)
Isn't it crazy that in one week we'll enter the month of December?
I can't believe how fast this year flew by, today I will put my Christmas tree, so excited! :D
Ok  lets talk about my outfit, I wore this look last week when I went to meet the showroom of "Anthology", it´s a  new concept store in which you can find many  inernational brands.
I chose to wear stripes , leather and pink for this time.
Hope you like it! xx

23 Nov 2013

Tutorial "Fishtail braid" / Trenza cola de Pez.

Les dejo un pequeño y sencillo tutorial que hice en donde me hago una "trenza cola de pez/pescado"
Espero que les guste ^^

22 Nov 2013

Encendido del árbol Swarovski 2013.

Como ya es costumbre, Swarovski alzó un gran y brillante árbol navideño en la plaza del Palacio de Hierro Moliére en Polanco. Justo ayer fue el encendido y la marca hizo un gran cocktail al que no podía dejar de ir, debo confesar que me inundé totalmente del espíritu navideño. Sólo Swarovski hace un evento tan padre en donde además del bello árbol y ambiente familiar, también hay villancicos, mesas de dulces, buena comida, buena bebida, celebridades e invitados especiales, ahh...y brillo en cada esquina ^^
Maria de la Fuente y Max Villegas fueron los conductores de la noche y nos dieron la bienvenida. 
Los invitados iban  llegando poco a poco y cuando ya estaba la mayoría emocionada, ejecutivos de Swarovski apretaron el "botón" y prendieron el increíble árbol navideño que iluminó todo el recinto.
El árbol tiene 140 000 cristales Swarovsi y mide 21.5 metros de alto.
¡Es hermoso!

Lace dress & Leather jacket.

I got this beautiful lace dress at WendyBox.com and immediately fell in love with it. This is the first time I'm wearing it and I can see that it will become one of my favourite pieces in my closet :)
 Also I´m wearing a black pair of boots from Andrea. I think every woman needs a Xlarge boots for this winter. Have a great day and stay tuned :)

21 Nov 2013

"Total black look" with a touch of gold.

"Total black look" with a touch of gold is what I´m going to wear today  for the "Christmas lightening ceremony" of Swarovski. We took this pics this morning because I prefer the light of the day and the outfit looks better :)
Hope you like it!

20 Nov 2013

"The coat"

Opsss! I think I Did it again! haha
It´s my third day with the same print but always in different ways, today I´m wearing a super casual look :)
I can´t stop, love this pattern. 
Thanks for all your comments! <3