31 May 2014


Hello everybody! I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. 
Today I want to show you a total outfit from Forever21.
 I wore this hippi-chic look last weekend when Guillermo and I went  to Chapultepec like two tourists in our own city. Obviously I chose a super comfy (but cute) outfit to walk all day.
If you are Mexican, I´m pretty sure you know about the the castle but if you don´t I want to share with you some pics and a short history about it :)
Mexico only have 2 official castles: 
1. San Juan de Ulúa Castle in Veracruz (my beautiful childhood city)
2.- Chapultepec Castle in Mexico city :)

Chapultepec castle is located on top of Chapultepec Hill in the middle of a park in Mexico City. 
This place has always been a crucial place for Mexican history; since pre-Columbian times some sacred sanctuaries existed there and it was a place of rest for the Aztec emperors. The buildings atop it have served several purposes during its history, including that of Military Academy, Imperial residence, Presidential home, observatory, and presently, the Museo Nacional de Historia.
Is the only Royal Castle in North America, that was used to house sovereigns: the Mexican Emperor Maximilian I, and his consort Empress Carlota, during the Second Mexican Empire.

It´s considered by many the best in the whole city. So, if you come to my city, you can´t miss it! :)
Hope you like the pics and the short resume about one of the most important places in my country.
Thanks for stopping by!

30 May 2014

ASbyDF + international giveaway.

Hi everybody!
Today I´m wearing this amazing dress by ASbyDF. It was love at first sight because is really original and the shape is unusual. I´m just addicted to it !! haha ;)
I have a giveaway for you! You can win this dress. Read below.

29 May 2014


I have been wearing this skirt so much lately. 
I love the cute flower print inspired by the prints seen in Dolce&Gabbana´s runway. Blossoms are one of my favorite flowers :)!!  Also love the feminine shape, silk texture and the high waist wrist.
I paired the skirt with neutral colors like my black crop top and nude heels.
I wore this look for a cocktail night some weeks ago. Hope you like it!

28 May 2014


Pairing black and white clothing has always been a very well put together look. Black & White dresses have often made their way to women's closets for any season. Ranging from swimsuits to dresses, from night on the town to a day in the office, these two colors are the perfect choice for an elegant and sophisticated look. It doesn't matter what a woman's shape and style is, she can usually find confidence in wearing black and white. Styles of donning these two opposites may have changed over the years, but the look is still same - Classy and Fabulous!
Ps. You can also add a hint of color to your black white attire like red, blue or whatever the way you're feeling, in your own style!

27 May 2014


Hey loves! How are you?
Crochet is a classic for summer but I love to wear it in any season of the year. Is soooo feminine!
It's so easy to throw on a crochet top like this to instantly make your outfit more bohemian, ideal for festival season or for the beach. Here I paired a crochet top with floral pants and sandals.
What do you think? Will you be wearing crochet this summer?

26 May 2014

Pink Shades.

Hi there! How was your weekend?
 Today I want to show you this casual look. An outfit full of light and super comfortable. 
I chose a black bag, flat sandals and my new leather jacket to combine the look, also I´m wearing a pair of pink sunnies that have stolen my heart, they are beautiful, comfy and sooo wearable in this season. 

24 May 2014

Bright colors.

Good morning to all the early birds and of course good morning to all the late birds as well. 
On this sunny saturday I would like to share a very casual look with you.
I recently got this cute floral print skirt which I paired with a solid black crop top. 
I think this kind of skater skirts are just perfect for my body type :)
I added a cute bunch of midi rings and also my Karen Walker sunnies.
Have a good, relaxing day!

23 May 2014


I´m wearing the classical combo of two colors: Black&white. The attemporal mix of colors is perfect for any day. If you are too bored with flower patterns  and colorful clothes you can change the air with black-white style that will bring you youthfulness and classy style :)
Happy Friday!

22 May 2014


A simple tee can change an outfit and make it a little more fun. This tee is from Wildfox, I just love the simplicity and versatility as they go equally well with jeans & sneakers as well as a dressy skirt and jacket. I wore this look some weeks ago when I went to a Wildfox event but I forgot them on my computer... Sorry! but here they are! haha
Hope you like it! xx

21 May 2014

Black & White Playsuit

Hope you are all having a fabulous week
I think there´s no more confortable and perfect for summer that a playsuit. This one if from Windsor and arrived at my home last week. I think I´m gonna wear a lot in the next couple of months because it combine with everything :) 
I added  a touch of fuscia with this beautiful DVF clutch
Hope you like this post, thanks for stopping by!

20 May 2014

Neon skirt.

It’s no secret that I love skirts. I have in many colors, textures and prints. 
Well, lets talk about this outfit. You might be thinking why such a bright color in the city! Well, why not? :) When I bought this skirt I just couldn’t wait to wear it. So, I decided to combine it with black.
And voila! This is the result guys, hope you like it as much as I do! 
More outfit posts are coming soon on the blog, stay tuned!

19 May 2014

Little Pink.

Hello, everyone! Talking about the weekend, couldn’t be happier to have spent my sunday at home... and you guys, how do you spent the weekend? 
Last Friday the weather was hot and was one of those days when the heat was unbearable. It felt like summer! I chose to wear a pastel pink dress with a pair of flats for a bussines meeting in Polanco. 
Do you like it? Have a great start of the week!

17 May 2014

Moorish kiosk in Mexico city.

These pics are very special because were taken in the unique moorish kiosk in Mexico city. 
This kiosk is a symbol of a district and is located in Santa Maria la Ribera. 
The history of this kiosk dates back to the end of the 19th Century, when it was designed by the Engineer José Ramón Ibarrola. The truth is that in Mexico city you can find many culture and beautiful places to meet and this is one of those.
This pride has fed a lot of myths about this construction, from the fact that it was donated by an Arab sheik to its association with astrological and magical aspects because of its octagonal shape and the great number of geometric decorations on it. The fact is that this kiosk stands out because it’s the only construction of its kind in the city.
For the ocassion I wore a total look from Forever21.
Do you like it?

16 May 2014

Loving floral.

It was a beautiful morning and the weather was just perfect. It was pretty cool to be part of the mood of the day so I chose to wear my new feminine floral skirt :)
I kept the outfit very simple with a black blouse, bag and these amazing  Michael Kors heels (my new favorites at the moment) :P
Finally it´s Friday. Enjoy it!

15 May 2014

Floral Kimono & Boyfriend jeans.

Early morning and I´m doing the usual: drinking coffee and blogging about my outfit :)
I’ve been dying to wear my new beautiful kimono and what better day to wear it than on a chill  afternoon. I paired it with a basic tshirt and with my Stradivarius boyfriend jeans that I had been wearing a lot. It just seemed like the perfect match!! :)
Hope you have a nice Thursday! xx

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¡Mucha suerte y gracias por estar aquí conmigo! <3 

14 May 2014


Last weekend I went with my familiy to lunch in "Polanquito".
 I love to walk around this place because there are a lot of beautiful restaurants and you can eat and spend your time at the park maybe with a delicious ice cream :p...
 I choose for the ocassion this striped dress paired with my withe comfy wedges. 
Hope you like it! <3

13 May 2014

"Three-piece suit"

Hi!!! :) Today I show you a three-piece suit in cobalt blue. Yes, I know maybe is a little bit colorful for you but I really love it and I love to try new colors and styles. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I spent a beautiful mother´s day with Sunglasseshut last week and this I what I wore for the ocassion. Hope you like it.

12 May 2014

Black Monday.

Hello dears! New day, new week, new opportunities! :)
Today I show you an original black dress, love the cape and the shape. I wore it last week for an important meeting, I think was the perfect look for the occasion. I'm actually carrying my favourite bag of the moment, I like the blue color and I've never seen anyone else with this one which makes it quite fun to have.  To finish my look, I added a beautiful Swarovski necklace and bracelet.
Do you like it? Have an amazing start of the week.

11 May 2014

Cotton dress.

Hi dears! This cotton dress is so cute and confortable that I could wear it everyday :)
I paired it with a denim jacket and I kept the accessories in neutral tones.
I Wore this look last sunday for lunch with my family.
Hope you like it and thanks for all your sweet comments.

9 May 2014

Intimissimi lace dress.

I used to think that Intimissimi only sells underwear and sexy ligerie but I was wrong. 
Intimissimi has much more than that; recently I found beautiful pieces like dresses and jerseys, they are perfect for my daily outfits. Some days ago I got the chance to buy a beautiful dress :)
I must say I'm so happy with my new dress because it has high quality, is feminine, soft and I really love the shape.
I wore it yesterday and I felt great all the day.
Hope you like my look! Have an amazing weekend! :)

8 May 2014

Jungle suit

Hello babes! I chose to wear this "total jungle" suit for film a fashion video with a brand last week.
You will see the video soon, I promise. Maybe my look is a little exotic, I know but, I really like it.
Hope you have an amazing thursday. Thanks for stopping by!

Sorteo! Collar Asset de Swarovski.

Siempre estoy pensando en ustedes y viendo de qué manera les puedo retribuir el cariño que me dan a diario :)
En esta ocasión les tengo de regalo un collar muy lindo de Swarovski, el collar es el modelo Asset en oro rosado. Lo pueden ver en la página de Swarovski dando click aquí. 
Creo que es el regalo perfecto para mamá en este 10 de Mayo... o para ustedes! jaja

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¡Mucha suerte!

7 May 2014

High low blouse.

Hello babes! Hope you all are having a great day. 
I love this high-low black blouse, it adds a chic touch to any women's look :) 
I have never used before this kind of blouses but I think in fashion we have so much fun when we have the freedom to be multifaceted and trying something new every day.
Hope you guys enjoy the look! Have a great Wednesday.

6 May 2014

Stripes for a casual day.

From soft and subtle, to a big and bold pattern, stripes seem to signal warmer weather and they always feel fresh. Well, I´m wearing this striped dress so effortless, yet stylish. I love this simple/casual dress because I could wear it with sneakers for a dressed down look, flat sandals on the beach or dressed up with heels and jewellery for a casual day :)
What do you think about my look? 

5 May 2014

"White girly girl"

I used to think this kind of skater skirts are so "overly done", and too "vintage" for me, but I was wrong... 
 I tried on this beautiful white crop top and skater skirt the last Saturday and I really liked :) If you are a girly girl like me, I strongly suggest you to buy a skirt like this in your favorite color and mix with different blouses and crop tops, they are perfect for summer because it is highly versatile, super classy and feminine.
Well I hope you like the pics that we took in Reforma (the most important avenue in Mexico city) Have an amazing start of the week! xx

3 May 2014


I have a special love for any animal based prints in clothes, shoes or jewelry.  Today I´m wearing this cute print dress with birds, the shape is a little vintage. I think is a different type for me, but sometimes I like to experiment with different styles ;)

Hope you like it. Have a nice Weekend!

My 'small bag' collection!

 Hello girls! I admit that I love big bags and I can't live without my oversized, carry-all bags, where I can put absolutely everything, from my make up bag to my phone charger and my favourite book. But it seems that it's about time to reconsider, since last year small bags are the new trend. 
I think they are really beautiful and they certainly have much style. So, try to forget your XL bags for a while, at least when possible, and invest in a new tiny tote or shoulder bag :)
I show you some of my small bag collection. Hope you like it! 

2 May 2014

"Baby blue skirt"

Another look for these hot days in my city. 
I´m wearing this cute baby blue skirt, personally, during the colder months, I like to wear darker colors; while as soon as the Spring hits, I'm wearing lots of pastels, light colors and floral prints :)
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this simple look! Remember to keep it simple with basics!

1 May 2014

"Ballerina dress"

Hello sweeties! How are you? 
I think most girls have dreamed of being ballerinas at some point or another in their life. I'm not sure if my dream was more so for their tutus as opposed to the grace of the art. But I´m pretty sure that the tulle skirts are not only for ballerinas! :)
My feminine dress is from "La vill", is a mix of chiffon, cotton and tulle, and I can say that I absolutely adore the girliness of it. Have you incorporated tulle into your closet yet.  Hope you like it.  Have a nice day! ^^

Swarovski watch collection.

Lately I have a big crush with swarovski watches, they are the perfect mix of elegance with simplicity. You can always distinguish them because they use different materials and models but always with a touch of sparkle. My favorite at the moment is this white Swarovski watch from their Basel collection :) Do you like them?