31 Jan 2014

Tulle Skirt!

 Today I show you my latest adquisition: "Tulle skirt". This kind of skirt is my obsession since I saw it at first time in "Sex and the city" ...and finally I have one :) I chose to paired it with my tartan jacket to add a touch of grunch.
 Have a happy Friday! Enjoy!

30 Jan 2014

Love mixing.

Last Tuesday we snapped these pics around Polanco. 
As you know, I´m obsessed with mixing , so that day I took mi polka dots scarf and I paired it with my new cute striped skirt and... voilá! haha ;)
(Once you master the art of mixing, your options for outfits will increase)
Hope you like it, and thanks for stopping by!

29 Jan 2014

Floral sweater.

Happy Wednesday everyone! We snapped these photos last week, the weather was quite chilly, so that day I chose to wear tights. Recently I have been loving sweatshirts, they are both casual and dressy at the same time, inmediately I love this one when I saw it ^^ 
Also, I added some sparkle to my look with this amazing pair of earrings from Swarovski. 
Hope you like it, and as always, thank you so much for reading!

28 Jan 2014

"Lace jogger shorts"

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far! 
Today I show you an outfit with one of my favorite trend of the season: "Lingerie style". 
I´m wearing this "lace jogger shorts" from Windsor. I love lingerie style mixed with different prints and textures. And the perfect ingredient to finish this lingerie look…my leopard booties!
I truly hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you so much for reading!

27 Jan 2014

Review! "Curl Secret" by CONAIR.

Yesterday I tried my new Conair Infinity "Curl secret". Today I decided to share with you this special post with my point of view of this product and also the steps to have the perfect curls ;) 

Ayer probé mi nuevo "Curl secret" de CONAIR (algunos ya vieron el pequeño video en Instagram)
Por eso hoy decidí hacer un pequeño review en donde comparto mi punto de vista y les enseño fotos de mi experiencia usando este nuevo aparato para hacer rizos.


Hi everybody!
Today I want to share with you an exclusive video about the new fragance from Nina Ricci: 
¡Hola a todo el mundo!
En exclusiva, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes el video de la nueva fragancia de Nina Ricci:

26 Jan 2014

On the street.

Good Morning! ^^ This is what I wore last Saturday when I went shopping. Jeans and leather jackets are basically my "uniform" for shopping and walk many hours around the mall, with this type of looks I feel comfortable and warm :)
Hope you like my street style pics! Enjoy your Sunday!

25 Jan 2014

Same "Houndstooth" coat, different outfit.

Hi everybody! :)  Today I show how I combined the same houndstooth print coat in different ways obtaining different outfits. Which one is your favorite?

24 Jan 2014

Black, White & Silver.

This is what I wore early morning yesterday in a event organized by Sephora. I was wearing this coat because in the mornings the weather is still cold. 
The brunch took place in a beautiful building in "Colonia Roma", I love everything about the new spring collection of Sephora.
I left you my look of the day and some instagram pics about the event.
Hope you like it and Happy Friday! :)

23 Jan 2014


I know, I can´t resist haha! I have been wearing this kind of midi skirts a lot.
I paired with my leather jacket to create a casual outfit, I think leather also gives to any look that little edge that I love, I also added a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and last but not least my accessories in gold to finish up the look :) xx

22 Jan 2014

Sequin sweatshirt.

I love outfits that can come together on a whim such as this one. I started with the sequin sweatshirt in mind and then added the leopard booties, skirt, and finally I decided to add this black coat. I like the cool feel of this outfit and the fact that it is very comfy, you can't beat that. This is what I wore yesterday for a event in Polanco. 
Thanks for stopping by! xx

21 Jan 2014

Blue plaid suit.

Hello there! 
Today I want to show you my new blue plaid suit, I bought it at CHOIES just few days ago.
You can also see my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag from REVOLVEclothing. 
I showed you a different outfit with the same bag (here), do you remember? This bag has the perfect size and I think I´m gonna wear a lot in all my outfits ... What do you think, dears?
Have great day! ^^

20 Jan 2014

The city.

Good Morning everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was fine :)
I feel perfect in days like this when I' m wearing a simple sweatshirt,  pair of jeans and heels. 
Lately the weather has been cold in Mexico city, so I paired my simple look with this warm coat and that´s it! :)
Hope you like it!xx

Alexa Chung is the face of Longchamp´s Spring 2014. (Video)

As you may know one of my favorite brands is LONGCHAMP. So, today I want to show you some pics and one exclusive video about the new campaign spring 2014 taken in the beautiful paradise Saint-Tropez. 
The "It-girl" Alexa Chung is the new face of Longchamp, the french accessories brand are pretty sure Alexa is the perfect face for Longchamp because she represents elegance and at the same time she´s chic and modern. 
-Photographer Max Vadukul, stylist Alexis Roche.
Hope you like the pics and the video!

Como saben LONGCHAMP es una de mis marcas preferidas de bolsos y por eso hoy estoy muy contenta de presentarles el lanzamiento mundial del video de la nueva campaña de la firma.
La "it-girl" Alexa Chung y LONGCHAMP se han unido para la campaña primavera de este año 2014.
 La campaña tiene como escenario el paseo marítimo de Saint Tropez, donde Alexa posa con el bolso mientras conduce un Fiat vintage cabriolet bajo la lente de Max Vadukul y con un estilismo a cargo de Alexis Roche. Para la firma francesa Alexa Chung es perfecta para esta campaña porque personifica la imágen de una mujer elegante, brillante y estilosa.
Espero que les gusten las imágenes y el exclusivo video :)

19 Jan 2014

Warm leopard.

Good Morning and happy Sunday, everyone! Today´s look is all about this cozy jacket. It´s a little bit cold outside so  I chose to wear this warm leopard jacket with jeans. I wore this look  for a meal with my family.  Is there anything better than family time?:)

18 Jan 2014

Same Pastel Pink Coat, Different outfit!

I love this coat so much. It's extremely comfortable and it gives a twist to any outfit. Today I'm showing you how you can wear the same pastel pink coat in two different occasions and looks. 
Which one is your favorite look?

17 Jan 2014

Radiant Orchid skirt.

Finally Friday! Yay! 
Today is a good day to wear my new "radiant orchid" skirt  :)
I bought it at Choies and I think I´m gonna wear a lot in this season!
Have an amazing weekend!

16 Jan 2014

NEW IN! Marc by Marc Jacobs "Classic Q Lil Ukita"

I recently bought this beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in Revolveclothing.com.
If you don´t know about this fashion online store, I invite you to meet the online store here
So, what do you think about my new bag?
Can´t wait to wear it!

Pastel Pink coat.

You guys might recognize this pastel pink coat from a previous post (here), you maybe know how I love this pink color . So here's another look with one of my current favorite coats in focus: the pastel pink coat which is super trendy and every fashion girl seems to own one.
Today I choose to wear it with black and white combo :)
Thanks for stopping by!

15 Jan 2014

Polka Dots & Stripes.

Today I show you again a new look with mix of prints. This time I chose to combine a striped shirt with my polka dots trousers. In the spirit of breaking the 'rules' all over again and with the hope of injecting some color and happiness into my wardrobe, I decided to cross the 'dotted line' and mix it with stripes.
What fashion rules are you going to break this season? Hope you like it!

14 Jan 2014

Tartan & Leopard.

Some years ago I have never imagined I would combine two different prints (probably I thought it was a little weird) Actually in fashion industry we can mix prints, colors and textures and it seems amazing, in fact today there are no rules, and hey... I love it! :)
This is what I wore last Sunday for a delicious Italian meal. If you follow me on Instagram here, maybe you already know it ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

13 Jan 2014

NEW IN! Rebecca Minkoff bag and shoes.

I recently bought in ShopBop two new items for my Rebecca Minkoff collection, I´m obsessed with this brand, I have many bags and I want more... haha Cant wait to wear it ;) xoxo

The A-Line Dress.

Hey, good morning! How was your weekend? Hope great :)
Today I´m wearing a feminine striped A-Line Dress. The dress also is called "The princes style", it makes every woman looks very glamourous and classy. For the occasion I chose to wear it with my leather jacket to make more casual and informal this look.
Hope you like it! 

12 Jan 2014

Geometric-print Cardigan

This outfit is perfect for a lazy day. I wore this look a few days ago in a cold evening. I chose a cool geometric-print cardigan combined with my jeans. 
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable, but always just do it in style ;) !
Have a great Sunday!

Same striped crop top, different outfit!

Hi there! :)
Today I show you 3 ways to wear my striped crop top from Forever 21 !
Which look is your favorite?…

10 Jan 2014

Plaid & Plaid

In this fall/winter season plaids have been present everywhere and also on my outfits. Without actually being aware of it, I wore tartan print so many times haha (here, here, here or here)
and today one more time, and I´m sure is not going to be the last one ;) 
Today, I´m taking tartan in two different colors and pieces, I mixed tartan with this sweatshirt with a cute Mickey Mouse. I´m enjoying to show you this look, hope you like it!

9 Jan 2014

White, green & floral pants.

Good morning and happy Thursday, Everyone! I just wanted to say a quick hello, and share a few images that Guillermo and I shot few days ago. I love the way this white blazer fits, I paired it with floral print and these green shoes that I found recently in my clóset :P
Thanks for reading.

8 Jan 2014

Little hearts.

Leather jackets are always a "must have" in any closet . Everybody can combine this kind of jackets with everything and make more interesting a simple look.
Yesterday I was wearing a feminine skirt with little hearts paired with  leather jacket and also my Jeffrey Campbell booties.
Have a nice Wednesday! Thank for stopping by :)

7 Jan 2014

Sequin leggins.

I would like to say: Hi from London! But not, I am not in London buuu :( 
But I think this place with the telephone looks very similar :p...  haha. Last week we saw this place and we decided to take photos here :) 
Today I´m wearing sequin leggins paired with my new coat. I love the color.
Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by!

6 Jan 2014

Green skirt + Stripes

Lately the weather in México city is  great, 
It makes me happy so much because I can wear whatever I like :)
Last days I have been crazy about midi skirts
 (you can see here and here different skirts and outfits)
So, I wanted something colorful in my wardrobe and this Persunmall green skirt just came in right time. I love  emerald color and I can mix easily with many other colors apart from black. I think looks great with this striped crop top  (that you see me wearing a lot :p haha)
What do you think about my outfit?  I need your opinion :)

5 Jan 2014

Boyfriend jeans + red heels.

Hey everybody, how goes your Sunday?
I love the contrast of boyfriend jeans with high heels and something girly like a chic blouse, feminine prints or beautiful makeup.
Boyfriend jeans are not only very trending at the moment, also are super comfy :) 
 The weather required me to wear something warmer so I paired with a chic long coat.
This coat never fails to add a bit of chic to my looks :)
So a pretty easy look for today, hope you like it!

4 Jan 2014


Just got this dress, and simply couldn't wait to take it for a walk. You know how it is with new cute things :) Love the femenine shape and love to wear it with extra large boots. Definitely one of my favorite dresses at the moment! Also, I added the cute touch of pink with my LongChamp Bag. What do you think abou my look? Have a nice weekend and thank you for reading :)
With Love, Gaby

3 Jan 2014

Hakuna Matata.

 I´m wearing a new sweatshirt with the graphic : "Hakuna Matata" under my leopard coat.
Do you remember this funny quote of Lion King movie?
When I was a child I was the typical girl that knows all the dialogues and songs of all the movies of Disney :) haha
I bought this sweatshirt and I couldn´t resist to wear it inmediately, I think you are gonna see me a lot with it. :)
Hope you like it!

1 Jan 2014

First outfit of the year: 2014!

Happy 2014!! Hope your holidays have been great and you’re ready for one more year filled with good things :)
Here is my first outfit of the year,  nothing especial but something comfy perfect for a cold day . 
Hope you like this outfit of the day, big kisses <3

Outfits of the month: December

December review! Last outfits of the month.
 Let me know which outfit is your favorite! Please vote ;) 
xx Gaby